Research & Expertise

Our applied research group Changing Role of Europe at the Hague University of Applied Sciences studies the practical aspects of European professionalism. This page provides an overview of our current research projects.


What skills and knowledge should you have in order to work effectively on European affairs; within a company, in a ministry, or as a diplomat? Our expertise helps a new generation of European professionals.

Our team focuses on disciplines such as public management, business administration, communication and law.

Europese professionals in de spotlight

Europa is mensenwerk: dagelijks zijn honderden professionals in Nederland bezig met het maken en implementeren van Europees beleid. Zij spelen belangrijke rol in het vormgeven en realiseren van Europese prioriteiten. Aan dat gegeven willen we via dit project, letterlijk, een gezicht geven.

To Brussels and back

For many people, it is difficult to get a grip on the European Union: what is happening there and and how can you influence it? You only need to turn on the television and you will hear politicians claim that 'Brussels' has decided something about our wildlife reserves, the climate or the economy. So it often seems like the EU is taking measures we have no influence over at all. This is not true, but then how does it work?

‘Europe as an opportunity’ – Increasing EU awareness in municipalities

For every municipality there are European opportunities and challenges with their local tasks. Which skills, information, EU monitoringdoes the internal organisation – officials, eldermen, departments - need to make the most of the EU?

EU Mobile Citizens – challenges and successes

How do small and medium-sized cities deal with Eu mobile citizens? This project focuses on sharing success stories and improving policy areas.

The soft skills of a European professional

What skills should students develop to become successful European professionals? This question lies at the heart of this research project.

German desk

The German Desk is a bridge between ambitious students and companies/organisations that wish to enter the German market with impact.