‘Europe as an opportunity’ – Increasing EU awareness in municipalities

For every municipality there are European opportunities and challenges with their local tasks. Which skills, information, EU monitoringdoes the internal organisation – officials, eldermen, departments - need to make the most of the EU?

Many municipalities, including those in the province of Zuid-Holland, find it difficult to get a grip on European opportunities and challenges and to respond to them effectively. Four factors are usually lacking, namely (1) EU-awareness within the organisation, (2) an overarching European long-term strategy or vision within the organisation, (3) pro-active knowledge sharing and (4) available capacity and resources.

How can municipalities learn from each other on thematic issues like European regulation, knowledge transfer and funding opportunities, but also on organisational issues like how to develop EU awareness within the organisation or how to deal with capacity constraints?

In our project 'Europe as an opportunity' we delve into all these questions with a group of Dutch municipalities. The project is currently under development, with an intended start in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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dr. Tibor Hargitai