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German desk

German desk

The German Desk is a bridge between ambitious students and companies/organisations that wish to enter the German market with impact.

How big is the market share in North Rhine-Westphalia? Which competitors can you expect in Hesse? Do you possess the right tools to identify and describe the characteristics of your future customers? The German desk offers you ambitious students who want to work on your challenges. The German Desk is an innovative Living Lab within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the German Desk is a minor in the European Studies programme. Here, students are trained to become junior account managers for the Dutch-German working environment.

The German Desk is based on our belief that knowledge and skills are transferred and applied in professional practice. We support SMEs in expanding their export potential to Germany. Students acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Through our German desk, students can put their European Studies theory into practice for the benefit of SMEs in the Hague region and beyond.

We work closely with several economic partners in the Hague region. (The partner list can be found at the bottom of this page) The German Desk is proud to work within the SME-international-business -deal with the municipality of The Hague and eleven other major economic stakeholders. In addition, we maintain close contacts with trade and government organisations in the Netherlands and Germany. The mission of the German Desk is Wir verbinden Helden - we connect heroes. The German Desk believes that connecting students with companies and organisations is a valuable collaboration. The companies/organisations provide students with important practical cases and practical experience. The students use their knowledge and motivation to work on your assignment. Our current product portfolio consists of: Market Entry Scan, Market Analyses, Persona Mapping, Sector Analyses, Social Media and Value Proposition. Are you curious what the German Desk can do for you? Take a look at our website and contact us. Are you interested in cooperation?

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